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September 2017

September gets underway with a shift into light yellow energy before dawn on the 1st. Soothing mental distress and confusion, pastel yellow is the color of curiosity and the playful mind. Thoughts will be more imaginative than logical, so let your mind wander and explore new interests (even unusual ones). Answers can be found easily, often with a touch of serendipity. Heliodor, aka yellow beryl, shines as a stone companion now, bringing a boost to the mind and aiding with visualization. It provides clarity, confidence, and willpower. Heliodor cleanses the liver and skin of emotional and physical toxins. Wearing any color of beryl will increase one’s general appeal and attractiveness. Moving […]

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August 2017

Deep golden light kicks off August when it arrives before sunrise on the 1st. Gold vibrates with spiritual frequencies, calling us to act as we are guided from the highest source of wisdom. We feel confident, worthy, and capable. The inspired ideas that arise now shift from theory to practice, and we begin to put our plans into action. If you have wanted to take on a leadership role, this is the ideal time. Combining earth and fire elements, pyrite (fool’s gold) is a stone of action, vitality, and will. Pyrite brings forth one’s abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas and sustaining creative action until the project is completed […]

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July 2017

Bright spring green light kicks off July when it arrives on the 1st around midday. This yellowish green color carries the message “out with the old, in with the new.” It’s time to clean out the gunk and rid ourselves of the things—physical, mental, and emotional—that no longer work for us. Concentrate on clearing and then allow the space to be filled by something new, better, and more suited to who you are now. This is an ideal time to start new projects—they will get a boost from spring green. Because this color stimulates the diaphragm chakra, breathwork is highly recommended during this time. Serpentine (aka “healerite” or “noble serpentine”) aids […]

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June 2017

As the sun goes down on June 2nd, minty green light tinges the environment, bringing healing and nurturing vibes to both the body and the emotions. Often, before healing can take place, the problem must make itself known. That can be an uncomfortable process, but this is the ideal time to uncover old hurts and emotional wounds, opening them to mint green’s care. Be gentle with yourself if you find that you are experiencing the course of healing. Seek support from a healthcare professional if you feel profound physical or emotional change taking place. Soothing variscite proves a valuable companion, as it eases fear, tension, anxiety, depression, worry, and impatience. It […]

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May 2017

  The green energy/seraphinite stone compatibility from April extends till the morning of May 3rd. That’s when white fills the environment with its cleansing power and connects us with high-vibratory spiritual energy. We see our world infused with divine light. We see ourselves as spiritual beings merged with physical bodies. Let the white light rid you of fear, hatred, jealousy, resentment, pettiness–negativity of any sort–and feel a sense of freshness, renewal, and hope.  Whatever our vision of the future may be, diamond lends us clarity and commitment. An energy amplifier, diamond enhances the power of other stones. It also amplifies our intentions and thoughts—another reason to keep an optimistic outlook. Strength, […]

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April 2017

April 1st welcomes pink energy with the sunrise. Because pink is a heart chakra color, it evokes feelings of unconditional love and compassion. It also inspires a youthful, playful frame of mind. The current pink energy is deeply colored rather than pastel; as a result, matters of the heart take on importance, perhaps even urgency. We are likely to find ourselves declaring our feelings without logic to censor or edit us. Relationships and romantic bonds may become stronger, or they may break apart when our true feeling emerge. Pink tourmaline’s ability to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain provides stability even when emotions flow unchecked. It also dispels […]

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March 2017

February’s green energy flows through the first two days of March, but before sunrise on the 3rd, the green turns into light yellow. Yellow stimulates the mind, and this pastel shade has our thoughts rising to lofty ideas or numinous concepts. What we thought was impossible or ridiculous may now seem possible and reasonable. Innovations arise as minds push the boundaries of “what if.” Stay grounded during this time, but let your thoughts roam free—you might be surprised by the results. Befriend yellow beryl (aka heliodor); this gem improves mental function and aids visualization. It provides clarity, confidence, and willpower. Yellow beryl also cleanses the liver and skin of emotional and […]

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February 2017

Bright, happy yellow replaces indigo on the evening of February 3rd, getting the month off to a positive start. Yellow lifts depression and inspires optimism; it brings hope and confidence to us all. Our minds are sharp and thinking is clear; this is a good time to learn something new or to tackle puzzling problems. Technological advances are favored now, even if that simply means learning to use your new cellphone. Yellow jade ensures feelings of joy and happiness as it exudes an energy that is both stimulating and mellow. Eliminating negative thought patterns, yellow jade soothes the mind, encourages self-sufficiency, and stabilizes the personality. It makes us aware of our […]

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January 2017

A new year approaches, and it’s time for my general reading for the next 12 months. 2017 promises to be a brown year, one that anchors us firmly in the reality of daily life. From my forecast for 2015, I learned that I tend to focus on the positive aspects of the year’s overall color, when I should also talk about the negative side of the prevailing energy. Although I celebrated the compassionate, cooperative vibrations that 2016’s pink would bring, I balanced that optimism by warning about increased deception and by urging my readers not to give in to manipulation by unscrupulous people. So what became one of the biggest influences […]

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December 2016

White light flows into orange before dawn on December 2nd, promising a time of creativity and passion. We crave and pursue pleasure when orange energy reigns; we feel sociable and seek company. Sexual energy and emotions can be intense right now, but know that the heat of the moment will eventually cool. Likewise, any overindulgence in physical pleasures will probably seem like a bad idea in a day or two, so use moderation. Tangerine quartz helps to balance the emotions, allowing us to feel calm and detached instead of frightened, upset, or angry. It also balances the give-and-take of healthy relationships. Toning the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz promotes creativity and sexuality. […]

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