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Energy Healing

Why choose energy healing?

You are not just your body. You are consciousness, personality, thought, memory, emotion, spiritual awareness, and more. These non-physical elements contribute to an energy system that permeates and surrounds your physical body, along with the bioelectricity generated by the functioning of your nervous system.

These physical and non-physical parts exist in a symbiotic relationship: the body supplies fuel and material experience for the energy system, and the energy system gives life and consciousness to the body. While Western allopathic medicine provides excellent understanding and treatment of the physical body, it usually neglects the non-physical, or energetic, aspects.

Energy-based healing therapies detect and correct problems in the energy system, creating wholeness and harmony throughout the energy field and providing an optimal environment for healing to occur. Although the effects vary, most recipients report feelings of ease, peace, and lightness after an energy treatment.

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The Spiral

Spirals occur abundantly in nature. Traditionally, the spiral symbolizes our journey through life into death and then into rebirth, as well as Earth’s seasonal cycle. The spiral also represents my approach to healing. During my career in therapeutic bodywork, I came to realize the vital importance of getting to the heart of my clients’ issues; once balance is restored to that central point, the pattern of wellbeing spirals outward, affecting the whole person. Therefore, I begin and end healing sessions with attention to the energetic center of my client, the essential point around which his being has coalesced–the very heart of the spiral.


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What’s Up

Check out my new On My Mind post on the virtues of Silver Sheen Obsidian, a gorgeous, shimmery stone.

While I continue to expand my supply of Star Essence concentrates, I have begun to craft my own essences as well. Currently I stock my own brand of Virtue’s Reward (wild violet) and World Light Grid (white clover) flower essences (made with flowers that grow in soil infused with Herkimer diamond energy). Also available are gemstone essences Silver Sheen Obsidian  (see my latest On My Mind post), Angel Aura Quartz, Natrolite, and Preseli Bluestone. These vibrational essences can be used alone or incorporated into special blends. Click on the Services and More tab for further information. I’ll keep updating as my essence practice grows.

I’m currently available for readings (in person or via phone, Skype, or email) and distance Reiki/energy sessions for people and pets. Once I have secured treatment space, I’ll be able to offer in-person sessions of my Intuitive Intentional Touch, Tone, & Stone therapy, Vibroacoustic therapy, and Reiki-assisted past life regression, but for now, those options are limited. Contact me to arrange a session.

I am offering a free service to anyone interested: Activation and Integration of the Emergent Chakras. Go to Services and More and click on the link for details and info about the emergent chakras.


What is the one most important thing a person can do to help the world? 

Become centered in your heart.

Become Centered in the Heart